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Quelquefois, je me sens comme la bibliotheque sans frontières.

Anybody can borrow things, but it's impossible to put them back.

3/21/10 07:50 pm - The more things change

Mais croyez-moi, bientôt
Les flics auront du boulot
Car tous les vagabonds
Parlent de révolution
Un jour, toutes nos chansons,
Ouais, vous désarmeront
Il n'y aura plus qu'la folie,
La joie et l'anarchie,
La joie et l'anarchie,
La joie en Paris
-Les Ogres de Barback

It just goes to show you, more than 200 years later . . . nothing has changed in France.

3/9/09 11:39 pm

Grad school application is GO!
More or less, but I have until June for the "preferred" status on the app, until July or August for the final final deadline. Not really much left to do.

Feel almost like I wasted my one day off a week today filming a three minute film on Bolex . . . but for a lot of reasons I realize that it wasn't a waste and I'm just being cranky. Whenever else am I going to get a chance to use the phrase "my knuckles are bleeding from the pumpernickel"

Also, got a raise at my primary job. Which is nice, given we are under a hiring freeze and people are very nearly being laid off. Makes me feel special at least.

1/3/09 09:07 pm - I am so embarrassed . .

I seem to be playing World of Warcraft . . .

11/4/08 10:34 pm

I know this may be a little bit premature, but


that is all.

11/1/08 11:53 am - wonderful discoveries

so, ever since we moved in, the drain in the bathroom has been draining more and more slowly, to the point where recently it takes all day to drain the water left in the tub after taking a shower. I tried an enzyme-based cleaner, which didn't really work, so this morning I grabbed out the toolbox and took apart the drain only to discover . . . that there was a used condom blocking the drain. Which makes me think that the person who owned this place before us (who was using it as a rental) had some rather disgruntled tenants.

So thank you, whomever decided to dispose of a condom in the bathtub. Thank you so much. That was a very special experience for me, I hope it was for you too.

10/23/08 02:49 pm - Hallelujah

Finally, after three months of ISP wrangling and various tasks (although this is not completely finished - I recently got a bill for 120 dollars for three months of internet that I never had - since my ISP (which shall remain nameless for the time being) never actually enabled my internet. But today they showed up and actually did the install, which is nice.

Also, finished the first draft of my novel . . . but it's too short. So the stuff I cut, thinking "This is going to be way too long" goes back in.

7/23/08 08:25 pm


7/4/08 09:59 am - wow

moved in, more or less. It's been pretty nice so far, but we'll see how that goes once utility bills start to come in. Internet is still not set up, so if you want to contact me do so by phone since I have to use the wiffer at work and it limits me to an hour at a time. So show up, hang out. Let me show off the new place. More updates when I have time.

6/10/08 04:34 pm - Krishnamurti

I'm not very fond of the Theosophical Society in general. I think there's plenty of groups out there making the world into a prison without new-age type societies doing the same thing in the name of liberation. That being said, I think Krishnamurti was a fascinating person and his life is definitely worth looking at more closely.

Mostly because of the following:
"I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally."
Despite the irony of the last, I find it interesting that his ultimate triumph lay in rejection. He rejected the entire system that existed to set him up as a new messiah, gave back all the money and gifts he had received through that system, and in doing so managed to express his message in a much more pure way he would have if he had remained with the Order of the Star.

That said, I am completely aware that his very actions represented the continuation of centuries of Indian religious tradition, but he did it on an international scale which confused the hell out of the TS. Maybe it's my own bias, but I find it hilarious.

5/23/08 05:06 pm - things I would like to see

A detailed examination of regionalisms in Preacher

an available retail space in an area that is in desperate need of a used bookstore

a use for my pretty specific skill set that does not require me to go through boot camp first.

because there aren't enough pointless lists on LJ.
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